Yorkey Ice Melt

100% Salt Free, Gentle On Pets

Combines the most effective de-icing components available on the market. Yorkey® is gentle on pets, prevents slips and falls and is safe on concrete, asphalt, decks, floors and patios. Yorkey® quickly initiates de-icing and melts ice and snow down to 0°F while resisting re-freezing.

  • Safer For Paws
  • 100% Salt Free
  • For Use On Sidewalks and Driveways
  • Environmentally and Vegetation Safe (When Used As Directed)
  • Effective Melting To 0° F

Available Sizes:

Product # Unit Size Pallet Count UPC Code
B1047309 4 Per Case - 9.5 Lb. Jug 160 7 26523 47309 0
B47125 25 Lb. Pail 64 7 26523 47125 6
Yorkey Ice Melt


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