Turf & Ornamental Fertilizer

Maintain Turf & Keep Beauty In Bloom

We know keeping your turf & ornamentals in pristine condition is important to you and it’s just as important to us. Although we are agricultural based, our expertise extends well beyond that function. When you need products to maintain turf or keep beauty in bloom, trust Mears’ leading-edge solutions to deliver. We offer a large variety of fertilizers to help maintain your turf & ornamentals.

  • Take advantage each season by providing your turf & ornamentals with the proper nutrition needed to thrive. We produce NPK formulations mixed with organics to make certain your turf & ornamentals have a succulent supply of nutrients, leaving them robust and lively. Plants and lawns that utilize specialized fertilizers are more radiant, healthier, and more plentiful than those that do not.
  • We offer organic fertilizers that are entirely optimized to do the work for you. Whether you have garden, greenhouse, golf course or personally owned lawn care, we have a product that will achieve your desired results, producing a full lawn or sprawling garden with beautifully nourished ornamentals.
  • If you’re looking for humates, we have the answer. Humates are derived from ancient plants and animals that are long deceased. They supply carbon and are rich with organic matter, which are significant to boosting the effectiveness of the soil for your turf & ornamentals.
  • All plants are prone to disease, which are preventable with the use of fertilizers. Because soil contains irregular mineral levels, getting the right mix is important to the survival of anything you grow. By ensuring your soil contains the proper nutrients, you ensure optimum turf & ornamental productivity.
  • Our expertise doesn’t stop there. At Mears we supply businesses and consumers with custom-made fertilizers, personally tailored to meet their needs. Your turf & ornamentals are safe with our innovative and adaptive products that will over-satisfy any expectation.
Ca+alyst™ Enhanced Calcium
BOLT™ Stabilized Urea
XTEND™ Stabilized Urea


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